The Academy was founded in September 1999 by Master Derek Sumner. Since then Livingwell has grown into a nationally and internationally recognised club, renowned for its' performance on both a regional and national level.


Now boastig over 250 members at some of the most desirable locations in the south-east, Livingwell is continuing to grow at an astonishing rate.


Master Derek Sumner has over 25 years experience in matial arts and fitness training and is now a full time instructor. Livingwell Taekwondo Academy now has over 20 government/BTCB approved instructors and numerous fully qualified First Aiders.

Want to tell us what you think of the club or the website? Why not take a couple of minutes to fill in our feedback form at the bottom of this page? Your feedback helps us improve the club and the website, making it better for all our members.

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Livingwell Instruction DVD is now available

The new Livingwell Instruction DVD is now available to order on the website. Priced at £10, this DVD provides a detailed introduction to stances, the first three sequences and the first three patterns. Extras include demonstrations of advaced kicks; breaking techniques; knife defence; one step sparring and self defence.


Order your copy here by filling in the media order form.


Please note that this is only available to members of Livingwell TKD.

NEW FEATURE! Competition results listings

We've now got a table showing the tally of medals won by our club members. The list will be updated regularly with results for all our members, sometimes live from the event! Go to the Competition & Events news page to view the table.

NEW FEATURE! Live photos

See the 'Hot Off The Press' gallery pictures in our media section for as it happens photographic coverage of the latest events!



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  • Gagner Argent Bourse (Thursday, March 27 14 02:23 am GMT)

    Sublime lecture, merci bien !!!

  • Ali AMADGHOUD ( Morocco ) (Friday, November 30 12 06:32 pm GMT)

    Great effort made by Grand Master Derek Sumner and his team, we are all wishing you the best of luck in your carreer and a lot of more success .

  • bethany watts (Wednesday, November 14 12 05:03 pm GMT)

    well done oli and elizabeth for getting your secound dan

  • Richard Austin (Saturday, November 10 12 03:31 pm GMT)

    Thanks Master Del for another physically/mentally challenging lesson last Tuesday.Heaven and Hell rolled all into one ! How easy it makes going to work feel :-)

  • FRASER (Wednesday, November 07 12 04:33 pm GMT)


  • Ben Owden (Tuesday, May 15 12 01:44 pm BST)

    A massive well done to every who done the pattens the club could not be more pleased and the picture are very good! i cant wait to tonight class see you there!

  • Donna (Wednesday, May 02 12 12:00 am BST)

    Thank you for the 'mums' night it was a fun experience and would love to do it again. Brilliant idea xx

  • derek sumner (Saturday, March 10 12 09:27 am GMT)

    Thankyou to everyone who supported the presentation night , big thankyou to Jen and James who worked so hard to make it a very special evening , and big thankyou to my band Double Ds once again
    helping me to try and raise money for those very much less fortunate than us .
    Del x

  • ben owden (Wednesday, February 08 12 02:17 pm GMT)

    thanks master del for a another brilliant tkd trainning on tuesday i really enjoyed it so thank you very much

  • del (Friday, January 06 12 04:45 pm GMT)

    Livingwell are stepping into 2011 with the biggest revamp in its history , state of the Art Venue fully equipped,5 nights a week with seminars planned , keep watch on our website for updates Photos
    and Videos .my sincere thanks to Jen for her tireless work to make this happen and James for getting the news to everyone and keeping us fully upto date and on top . Bring it On !!! Del xx

  • Tish (Wednesday, January 04 12 07:36 pm GMT)

    Keep these articles coming as they've opneed many new doors for me.

  • Ramesh SIlva TKD (Tuesday, January 03 12 06:40 am GMT)

    Master Derek & Sue,
    Thank for your lesson and come again Sri Lanka.

  • derek sumner (Saturday, November 26 11 10:20 am GMT)

    This is a delicate message but 3 Children from our club have just lost their father and i on behalf of Livingwell would like to express my deepest sympathy and we will be there always to help
    whereever we can , it is a tragic and difficult time for the family.All our student families become are part of the Livingwell family and we will respect their privacy but will be united in helping
    where we can thankyou all RIP Phil

  • Rachel (Sunday, November 13 11 10:09 am GMT)

    Dan Grading Saturday! Wow!
    Well done to all the Livingwell group.
    The photos show what a fabulous time they had.
    A big thanks to all the trainers and people who have helped.
    Yours Rachel

  • Derek Sumner (Wednesday, October 19 11 09:56 pm BST)

    The Site is really taking shape Thankyou James plaese everyone leave your comments or your constructive critiques, keep watching this site will grow the same way our wonderful club has
    Del x