Kevin Plamer

I first discovered that I had a strong connection with martial arts when I was about 7 years old, loving films like the Karate Kid and similar films that followed.

I joined a Karate club in Edenbridge which I enjoyed very much. I attended it for a few years but due to a few incidents within the club I decided to part and look for something new. I went through my teenage years trying my hand at different hobbies and sports. But none of them really excited me like Karate had in my earlier years.


A friend of mine participated in ITF Taekwondo and asked if I would like to go. I loved it straight away especially the sparring. The adrenalin was like no buzz I had ever felt. I travelled to the venue with friends as at that point I couldn't drive, however my friend ended up getting injured and stopped going. With me not driving , it left me no choice but to stop.


Then I saw an advert in the local news paper for a club opening in Hurst Green, run by instructor Glenn Lillywhite. I went and observed his demonstration and thought this is it. Wtf Taekwondo.

After Training for a month or so I was introduced to Master Adrian who asked Glenn who advised me to with him at his club. I followed my instructors commands and joined and trained with Master Adrian. I trained all the time entered every fight competition that I was illegible to enter. I competed and took many gold medals in sparring along with a few silver and bronze.


After many years things changed and I seeked new adventures and left the club. I had a short break and went to 'seek out' new dojangs. I discovered a club in Tonbridge and went along to see if it was for me. To my surprise the guy running it was a former Student of Master Adrians called Cameron Mckenzie.


I have trained at Livingwell Tonbridge ever since and also got the chance to meet Master Del and become part of Livingwell Tkd academy. I have acheived both my second and third Dan since joining Livingwell. I ve also won various medals in different competitions in Poomsae sector, which I'm extremely proud of.


I Instruct and run alongside my good friend Mathi Gupta Livingwell Tonbridge and to date assist the running of Livingwell Fighterz.


I have seen all our students come on leaps and bounds in fighting, poomsae and at our club gradings.


With many fighters and poomsae players from Tonbridge winning Medals at regional,National and International level. I'm so proud of them all. But most of all I'm proud to be part of Livingwell!