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Novemeber  2014 - Livingwell go to the world championships as part of the British  Poomsae Squad

After an intense but successful 2014 World championships in Mexico the BT team return upbeat and jubilant on an overall successful campaign.


Head of Team and Chairman of BT Poomsae has released the statistics results and overview of the competition .


The world is improving in all aspects of TKD we in BT pride ourselves that we are catching up and fast, our results are above and beyond our predictions with once again for Poomsae in GB we have made ground breaking results .


At the Head of team meeting it was a pleasure to see our own BT Poomsae Judging Coordinator GM Tongwan Shin with world leaders in Poomsae delivering rule explanation and assisting heading the world Poomsae Judges , GM Shin is a significant member of the WTF Poomsae Council and we in BT Poomsae are proud having him part of our development in Poomsae in BT .


In Our Cadet Division Abbie Newton a first for all Cadets in this new division and the youngest competitor took on the world and performed her very best on the first day of the 4 day Championships a daunting task to say the least 49 countries 700 athletes Abbie was calm collected and very mature in her performance and gained memorable experience against the worlds best and finished a world semi finalist in 16th place . Ali Pourtaheri team Captain also performing on day 1 a previous world bronze medallist took 10th world Ranking ,a small wobble on Pyongwon cost him a final play off for a medal in yet another division that's improving and getting stronger each year in under 60 (master 2) just showing that even a mature player with so much experience they can submit to tension and nerves on such a big stage never the less a great performance from a seasoned player.


The team were in mexico for 9 days giving time to adjust to the high altitude heat and long flight , training was a consistent twice daily with national coach working with the team at all opportunity both in training and working with the players getting them the right mind set

On the same day a continually improving Simon Negus in the under 50 division (masters 1) sailed through the first round , and then won through to the finals with relative ease the excitement in the GB camp was boiling over with excitement as a medal chance was in his sights ,the new trial system of cut off for the finals proved interesting to say the least with many top seads being knocked out and for Simon he was drawn against current world champion of Turkey he had to perform 6 of a possible 10 Poomsae if getting through but Simon finally went out to the world Champion but not without putting on his best ever performance concentration and nerves held out but was beaten by the smallest of margins just out of the medals and now ranked a fantastic 5th in the world. Simon has now established himself as the most consistent and best ever Poomsae player for his division in GB .

Day 2 our first ever junior pair Emily whiting and Henry Chiu , what an awful Draw 8am and starting the competition first on , this young pair who train at the same club were extremely nervous as can be expected but they performed outstandingly holding the top half of their division for some time until the likes of Korea turkey spain china Vietnam Germany etc performed but the pair on both their first world Championships finished semi Finalists in 12th world ranking place .


Day 3 Emily Whiting now had her first world experience at world level with her pair came out and stormed into the Semi finals with a superb first 2 patterns she showed no nerves and was a strong contender in the end had to settle for her semi final and ranking of 12th in the world gaining immense experience with only one other British Junior making a higher place in 9 years.


Day 4.

Arguably the most tense and exciting day with our final 3 players competing .

Henry Chiu had an extra 3 days of training and gaining experience from his junior pair had a tough group but once again our young players gave us such pride as they took to the floor Henry sailed through to them Semi Final in 4th place , then eased to finals passing many top world ranked players , his final draw was like Simons a tough one with one of the favourites Chinese Taipei , Henry did all he could and more but the young but more experienced CTP finally went through to medal positon , Henry took 5th world ranking and this for a first world Championships is just the very beginning of more exciting times for BT Poomsae , (interesting to note in all 6 Poomsaes drawn for Henry he didn't perform one side kick which he is exceptional at performing)Henry is now the highest ranking Junior BT and GB have ever produced .

Next player up Mike Pejic once a professional Football idol for Stoke City and England now in the -65 division (masters 3) was straight to final at the draw where luck doesn't ever come GB way he was not a player to get a bye through to the medals instead he was up against Brazil who was unknown to us from years gone by , Mike put out not just a Stirling performance but a Medal Performance and only for the 4th time in our history at the world Championships GB were celebrating a medal and podium place , Mike was now drawn against experienced Player from the USA Mikes first Poomsae left him just a minor point difference down from the American but the occasion the nerves and a possible show down for a world gold Mike to the Gasp of myself and his coach and himself performed the 'Wrong pattern' although he restarted and to the great roar of the crowd at this level there is no chance of recovery in points unless your opponent does the same and USA were not going to let that happen , but Mike making bronze was an amazing result .

Finally Free Style Tom Mcgee , the team still jubilant about their bronze medal inexperienced and our first ever freestyler tom took to the floor having trained everyday vigorously and changing his routine at the last minute Tom performed a near perfect routine beating the current world champion and European Champion into the finals , the energy levels in the stadium were immense nerves and adrenalin were at their highest as once again a medal was in our sights from a player we selected just to start our Freestyle division and inspire others in GB to take up this exciting and new section of Poomsae , But the finals were not cut off for freestyle so all 8 players play for points not one on one , this time the finalists came out and I believe Tom from GB took them all by surprise so they had to pull something out of the bag and flips , 540s, extreme height on jumps really raised the bar , Toms 2nd performance possibly not as good as his first took him to a final woprld ranking of 6th above and beyond all our predictions .

British Taekwondo Poomsae is gaining pace quality and recognition world wide , our cadet/ junior development programme is working with phenomenal talents coming through , and not forgetting Poomsae s for all , our Para Division taking shape , the age catagories give chances of top level A class European and world Competion from 12 years old to now over 65 (masters 4).


I would like to add the incredible support around the world via the media twitter face book etc really helped the team as I was sending regular updates the response was immense and I thank everyone who supported the team .


I am so proud of the players and my hard working staff , and the support British Taekwondo are givng us .

It Doesn't stop here either in just a short time the commonwealth in Edinburgh Scotland another exciting competition for BT Poomsae .

13/04/2014 - The 2014 National Poomsae Championships

Livingwell were a vital presence in making the 2014 National Poomsae Championships not only a success but helping the competition breaking all existing records in participants and competition standard.


Some 8 months ago I attentively asked our club and friends if they could help in my quest to hold our National Championships on our own door step at the International arena K2 Crawley. This sparked an idea to form a 'Friends of Livingwell' Committee; this group alone has contributed to the unity and growth of Livingwell Taekwondo Academy.

Having assurance Livingwell could give me 100% support I won our bid to host the NC at K2. After many meetings the club pulled together to pull off a magnificent show of logistical perfection, total dedication and hard work across the board. British Taekwondo acknowledged the excellent work the club produced and I cannot express my sincere gratitude and pride in my team and extended family.


The icing on the cake for Livingwell was once again the clubs undisputed leaders in Poomsae, taking the A class Team trophy for the 5th year in succession. Not only the A class black belts giving fine performances but the up and coming kup grades showed they also are future national potentials. We fielded over 50 players and every single player did the club proud.


National A class Champions were;


Marc Lynes Para non WTF

Emily Whiting U17, Henry Chiu U17, Sydney Craven U30, Guntur Dwiarmein U30, Susan Parkins U60, Ali Pourtaheri U60, Monique Weber


Although every player performed to the highest standard, possibly the most emotional and deserved title was won by Emily Whiting who has stepped her game up to World Level, and after so many almost 'making it' over the years, Emily' through such hard work, determination and passion made is standing in the hall of fame.... Emily has made it to being the "Best In Britain" !!!


Under 30 pair Sydney Craven Guntur Dwiarmein

Mixed Club Team U17 Emily Whiting

Mixed Club Team U11 Jack Harrison, Adrian Groome

Mixed Club Team U30 Sydney Craven

U14 Team Male Max Stuijt, Jay Porter, Jordan Kent

K2 Mini Peewee Female Bobbi Khuler


Once again Livingwell has done us all proud... We presented an event and a weekend we will never ever forget.


Thank you everyone.



01/12/2013 - First National Poomsae Trial held in Gatwick

On Sunday the 1st December, clubs from across the UK were gearing up many of their Poomsae Athletes for the trials in Gatwick. It was the first National Trials for the GB Poomsae Squad, and contenders from around Britain were keen to try out!


Leading the day were instructors National Coach Gemma Biescas, Poomsae Chairman Master Derek Sumner and Assistant Coach Master David Morrison, along with the SpringFit Gymnastics team. The team conducted a day that evolved around various and combined training with the current GB squad and the trial attendees. The event concluded with a playoff between all the hopefuls.


The day was jam-packed, as a Gymnastic trails was also held. It included training with a professional Coaching Gymnastic Team (SpringFit). The aim here was to determine the multiple gymnastic abilities of athletes who were in preparation for the new WTF freestyle Poomsae.


Though some were not successful this time there will be more trials held in 2014, and comments received from both participants and instructors were positive and encouraging all round. Not to mention, there's the National Championships in March, along with other up-and-coming opportunities that are not to be missed!


Master Derek Sumner commented:
"We are very excited with the level of interest along with the quality of Poomsae in GB. New and detailed Squad Criteria will be available soon, so that even more can optimize their chances of success next time. From all of us at BT Poomsae we would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas, and we look forward to an exciting New Year!"


We're so pleased to hear what a success the recent trials were. It's fantastic that members continue to push the standard of Taekwondo even higher as they progress within their sport and art form. Congrats from us at BT not only to those who were successful, but also to all attendees for demonstrating their ambitions and talent at the recent trials

02/06/2013 - 2013 European Poomsae Championships, Alicante, Spain

British Taekwondo had a 30 strong team, the biggest team ever entered for a European Poomsae Championships. 2013 was also an historic year as it included the introduction of the new Cadet Division, this helped make the Championships the largest country competitor entry to date. There were 25 countries and with world Poomsae dominating countries such as Spain, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Russia, and France all taking similar size teams as GB, it was surely going to be a tough campaign for our team. The organizing team of management, coaches, chaperones and of course international referee Grandmaster TW Shin, all representing British Taekwondo were well prepared to take on the challenge.

Following a difficult start with logistics and finding appropriate training facilities the team soon settled well. The GB team instantly made an impact with other arriving countries, with our etiquette, discipline and upbeat attitude which stayed apparent for the whole 5 day campaign. Master Derek Sumner, Head of Team and Cadet Coach, received personal acknowledgement from both WTF President Dr Choue and the President of the ETU, both remarking on their pleasure to see such an exciting and well prepared team, which was conveyed to the players adding to their pride of representing Great Britain.

The first Divisions on day 1 were the individual Cadets: Henry Chiu, and Louise Regazzoni, a daunting time for these young athletes but with immense maturity both progressed through the semi final of 13 players with ease and in high medal position. Louise just missing a medal with the smallest of margins making an overall amazing 5th place, Henry, however did bring home a bronze medal just missing out on the top medals to Turkey and Spain, by again the smallest of margins. But history was made and Team GB was in high confident spirits. The Secretary General, Gerritt Eissink of the ETU thanked Derek Sumner for campaigning to bringing this division of Cadets to the European and World Stage.

As the competition got under way the BT players performed and defeated other world players and medallists, not necessarily winning medals but making finals and in many divisions, agonizingly finishing in 5th or 6th place. But a new fresh young Junior female team took on the likes of Russia, Spain, Italy and Turkey a daunting task into a straight final but the girls showed near perfect synchronization and floor presence, Hollie Bousfield, Nikhita Mistry and Emily Whiting powered above Spain and Russia to take GB's first ever Team medal only a fraction off the Gold, winning them an incredible silver medal. For the jubilant GB Team and supporters it wasn't to end there. Henry and Louise were to take to the floor once again, this time as a pair, they stormed through the semi finals in Silver medal position with the whole stadium captivated in the skill the composure of all these young talented players. The young GB Pair just had some minor errors winning them an eventual but again a momentous bronze medal, never before has British Taekwondo seen the Union Jack raised so many times in the highest level of Poomsae.

Master Simon Negus already ranking number 6 in the world from 2012 World Championships was on a mission in the under 49 (1st masters) division, His semi final Poomsae were solid and clean showing his superb kicking ability and with Master Gemma Biescas Coaching he held his nerves down enough to bring home a well deserved bronze medal.

The last day of Competition Proved to be the most frustrating as GB had senior individual, Pairs, teams, under 59s (master 2) and over 60s performing with 5 Gold medallists from the 2012 World Championships and other world medallists in these very tough divisions. The GB players, boosted by the previous day's performances, were not going to go out without a fight. Many players just missed out on medal positions with the smallest of errors. Although they were disappointed to be so close and yet so far, the coaches and team expressed how proud they were of every player's performance. It was an incredible German team that dominated the 3rd day but the GB under 29 male team: Ammar Alsaad, Thomas O'Neil and Jamie Barrett were not fazed in this small but quality division and the 3rd day was finished off with another Medal for GB the young men won a memorable bronze

With a total medal tally of one Silver, and 5 Bronze, this was the most successful European Championships ever for British Taekwondo in Poomsae.


The growth and talent in World Poomsae has been taken to another level and Europe is a definite contender to dominate worldwide. Great Britain is continuing to improve and develop at a tremendous rate.  British Taekwondo Poomsae not only had a record breaking European Championships but the team has left its mark at a European level, being talked about by dignitaries, International referees and coaches alike, giving BT Poomsae a great deal to be proud of.

One day after the team returned from Spain it was business as usual at the next National Squad training session, with the air of excitement and determination the squad were looking forward to the next competition. A week later most of the BT Squad were back on the floor performing at the UTA Open in Milton Keynes (again another record attendance at a BT sanctioned event ) and as expected all A class Gold's and Silvers were won by National players this time representing their clubs.

Head of Team & Cadet Coach - Master Derek Sumner

International Referee - Grandmaster TW Shin

Senior Coach - Master Gemma Biescas

Team Manager - Odette Stringwell

Chaperone - Jenny Whiting


U14 Male - Henry Chiu - Livingwell

U14 Female - Louise Regazzoni - Dynamic


U17 Male - Thomas Leatherland - Carlton Arena

U17 Female - Hollie Bousfield - Halton


U29 Male - Ammar Alsaad - PremierKi

U29 Female - Kimberley Clarke - Dynamic


U39 Male - Constantino Cesar - MK UTA

U39 Female - Master Lyndzie Jeffrey - Granite City


U49 Male - Master Simon Negus - PremierKi

U49 Female - Odette Stringwell - Ultimate


U59 Male - Ali Pourtaheri - Livingwell

U59 Female - Susan Parkins - Livingwell


60+ Male - Mike Pejic - Pejic TKD


U14 Pair - Henry Chiu - Livingwell

U14 Pair - Louise Regazzoni - Dynamic


U17 Pair - Bradley Bergamini - Stoke UTA

U17 Pair - Nikhita Mistry - Carlton Arena


+30 Pair - Master Glen Culbert - NI UTA

+30 Pair - Claire Spowart - Cumbrae


U14 Team Male - Ciaran West - Ultimate

U14 Team Male - Cameron Fraser - Livingwell

U14 Team Male - Prem Govind - Carlton Arena

U14 Team Female - Lauren McKinlay - Central

U14 Team Female - Ellie Muir - Central

U14 Team Female - Abbie Newton - Tan'Gun


U17 Team Female - Hollie Bousfield - Halton

U17 Team Female - Nikhita Mistry - Carton Arena

U17 Team Female - Emily Whiting - Livingwell


U29 Team Male - Ammar Alsaad - PremierKi

U29 Team Male - Thomas O'Neil - Tan'Gun

U29 Team Male - Jamie Barrett - Carlton Arena

U29 Team Female - Taylor Parkins - Livingwell

U29 Team Female - Abbie Hughes - Halton

U29 Team Female - Kimberley Clarke - Dynamic


+30 Team Male - Master Simon Negus - PremierKi

+30 Team Male - Winston Casaclang - Allens TKD

+30 Team Male - Constantino Cesar - MK UTA

11/10/2012 - Scottish Poomsae Open 2012

After a horrendous, roller coaster flight to Edinburgh en route to the Scottish Open Poomsae Companionships 2012, Jordan Kent , Ann Palmer and Kevin Palmer were not phased by one of the biggest national competitions in the country.


As per always all three were in difficult categories with many seasoned players entering. They all did Livingwell Tonbridge proud and success was achieved by Jordan and Ann in all the categories they entered. Firstly Ann attained an astonishing Silver in Individuals and a Bronze in her first ever pair with our esteemed colleague from Livingwell Gatwick, James Hamson. Jordan was just amazing, not only did he win Gold in Individuals, he also won Gold in a synchron with another Livingwell Gatwick Student, Jack Harrison and our dear friend from Loughton, Dean Foss.

11/10/2012 - British Nationals Kyorugi 2012

As per always nothing is ever straightforward prior to an event. Everything was going smooth running like clockwork. Both Kevin Palmer and Mathi Gupta (Livingwell Fighterz Coaches) were taking Gaby Dos Santos to his first ever Nationals at the velodrome in Manchester. We arrived the day before the event to watch the A class fighters and Gaby's weigh in. After an exciting day we headed towards our accommodation which was 'APPARENTLY' a mile from the event. To add excitement we only got lost smack bang in the middle of Mossside, Manchester!!! only to find out that our accommodation was not where sat nav was taking us. After an hours walk and a taxi later we finally got to our accommodation.


The day of the fight went according to plan, Gaby was ready firing on all cylinders. The Sunday fighterz sessions he had been attending was all for this day. He never let his coaches down and fought gallantly. He came away with a Silver medal and is the highest ranked kyorugi player at a British National Championships to date.

12/09/2012 - All Eyes On Korea with the Thames Festival

During the weekend of the 8th and 9th September, some of the GB Poomsae Squad were asked to perform at the Mayor's Thames Festival London "All Eyes on Korea" on the banks of the River Thames situated beside the Modern Tate Gallery.


The chosen demonstration team were picked for logistical reasons from the Southern area, after a successful demonstration for the WTF Gala in Park Lane London. Whilst performing, an executive from the Kukkiwon requested the team to perform at the Thames Valley Festival, delivering three demonstrations over the weekend. The team were the "star event" alongside the world famous Korean Kukkiwon Demonstration Team.

Leading the team from the UK was the National Poomsae Chairman, Derek Sumner. The outline of the British Taekwondo demonstration was predominately Poomsae, but highlighting the new WTF Freestyle section.


The team added musical freestyle with some practical self defence, pad kicking with senior members executing advanced kicking drills, bringing the young and old together showing Taekwondo is for all.

With Guntur Dwiarmein performing Pekak, WTF 1st Poomsae as a closing piece on a stage fit for rock and pop bands and with an audience of at least a thousand, the British Taekwondo team delivered a tight professional performance.


Kukkiwon representatives headed by 9th Dan Grand Master Jeong Man Soon, and the Korean Ambassador described the performances as "Beautiful" and "The Best UK demonstration we have seen" and finally "Perfect example Korea wishes to express about Taekwondo to the world"

Following the GB performance, the grand finale, the Kukkiwon performed a 3 part history of Taekwondo and did not disappoint. They were incredible and wooed the crowd with an acrobatic, dynamic taekwondo display full of intense drama and humour. The crowd already pumped and excited with what they had witnessed from the GB team, the Koreans finished with a dance routine in which the BT Poomsae team joined in with this impromptu and fun/ dance finale in which came jubilant applauses and cheers from a very excited crowd and exultantly proud Korean VIPs.

After the close of the event the teams were treated with the VIPs to a dinner and cruise along the River Thames, with the added bonus of everyone enjoying the amazing firework display celebrating the closing of the Paralympics. From the source under Tower Bridge, a truly epic and memorable weekend was had by everyone.

Speeches from the Korean Ambassador, Master Sumner was thanked on behalf of the organizer for helping with the most successful "All Eyes On Korea " event and more importantly, helping to make the alliance between GB and Korea even Stronger in our art. Master Sumner was then presented with a certificate for his contribution in development in Taekwondo. Citation certificates were also presented to Jenny Whiting and James Hamson for their hard work and help in making the Demonstration successful

Finally, Master Sumner expressed his sincere thanks to the team who worked so very hard and made British Taekwondo Proud.

22/03/2012 -BSTF Nationals

If there was one thing that we should learn from last weekend, it’s that the TaeKwonDo spirit is very much alive at Imperial College. ICUTKD took its first road trip up to Nottingham University to compete at the British Student TaeKwonDo Federation (BSTF) Nationals on Sunday, the largest inter-university competition for the sport attracting over 300 students from all over the country. Still relatively new to the World TaeKwonDo Federation, entering a competition of this size could have been a daunting task for our club, but it was a task that our team of 9 took on with style.

When we arrived at the venue, far too early for a Sunday morning, the atmosphere was already heating up with competitors getting themselves ready. Unphased by the size of some of the other established university teams and armed with our unbeatable team spirit ICUTKD managed to bring back 7 medals. Success was achieved by Roy Lambert (gold), LiYan Chow (silver), Kristian McCaul (bronze) and Mayghal Vijapura (bronze) in the advanced level sparring category. Mabel Lew won a gold medal in the beginner level sparring category winning her final by an impressive margin of 21 points.

However, the team could not have ended the day on a nicer note thanks to Chris Dancel, who seems to have developed a habit of technical knockouts. After his previous success last month at the 2012 London Open, he not only brought back 2 gold medals for poomsae (patterns) and sparring but also achieved the Master Suh Award. Named after a well loved instructor who sadly passed away in 2010, it is presented to the one competitor for an outstanding performance and exhibiting the tenets of TaeKwonDo - modesty, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit - to the highest level. For all this we thank our instructor, Reza Saberi, for all his encouragement, coaching and the confidence that he has given us over the past months.



With this under our belts, ICUTKD can only look forward to the next challenge ahead.

23/02/2012 - Livingwell Fighters make it into the papers!

11/02/2012 - Outstanding performance by the Fantastic 5

Firstly I would like to congratulate the Living Well Poomsae team on their fantastic performance in obtaining 1st place in the National Poomsae Championships 2012. I would like to extent my thanks and praise to the families of the participants, members of the club and especially Master Dell for their continuous effort in order to make such success possible.


The Fighterz team took part in the London International Open Championship and obtained 2 gold and 3 bronze medals.


Sami reached the semi finals by defeating his opponent in a match he dominated and narrowly lost in a closely fought match to a tough opponent from Gurumo gaining a bronze medal.


Sam dominated his final match 12-1 to win gold.


Brothers Hassan and Hussain exceeded all expectations with their performances despite experiencing their first ever competition. Hussain showed two outstanding performances to defeat his opponents 12-0 and 17-1 to win gold. Hassan was narrowly defeated in his semi final match 6-4 to gain bronze.


These outstanding performances cheered all involved and turned a cold, snowy day to one filled with warmth and joy.


Photos from the event can be viewed here.


Technical director


Farzad Kootyzadeh

05/02/2012 - Livingwell Crowned best club at the 2012 Nationals!

This years Nationals were so large that we've dedicated a seperate page for them here.

30/10/2011 - A resounding success by the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN!!! at the last Ever DORSET Taekwondo Championships.

Seven Fighterz entered (6 from Tonbridge and 1 from London). The day started well with Abdullah getting Gold and Jayesh getting Silver. This was a perfect start to our last competition of the year.


Soon after Jaya got Silver, George got Bronze and Jordane got Silver.


Jordan had a superb fight and got Silver but we saved the best for last. Gaby was in the semi final and was losing 23-21 when the the fighter kicked him in the arm thus ensuring a long stay at Poole hospital A&E for Kevin, Mathi and Gaby. Luckily only a slight injury but it was worth it to win the Bronze.


See the results table at the top of the page for full details of the tally.


Photos from the event have now been loaded onto the media gallery page. Click here to view them.


Well done guys. 

08/10/2011 - Livingwell at the Scottish Open

A big congratulations to all Living Players who competed in this years ''Scottish Open'' held in Grangemouth, Scotland.


Livingwell took overall third place securing 6 golds, 4 silvers, and one bronze.

All poomsae players showed that dedication, commitmentand hard training does pay off.

Special mention to Sydney Craven whoachieved golds in three separate categories and to Nayhum Smith Robinson, who narrowly missed out going through to the finals. Watch this space with him !

A big thank you to the parents/families supporting their children in this event. Scotland is not just round the corner.

Last thanks must go to the hosts themselves, Central Taekwondo. Dave, Angie and of course Jo-Ann Brown for chauffeuring the team around.
Well done guys!

01/10/2011 - Ali wins his 7th Individual Gold for the year in Hungarian Open

Ali Pourtaheri representing Livingwell Taekwondo Academy participated for the 2nd time in Hungarian Open. In previous occasions, he succeeded to get to Bronze while this year, he won Gold ahead of Austria and Germany.


Master Derek Sumner, 6th Dan, Chief Instructor of Livingwell said, “We put together a program for Ali early 2011 and this a very good example of if you follow the path Livingwell designs for your Taekwondo Development, you can reach tremendous goals. This is Ali’s 7th Individual Gold (he has one in Pair too) and he has been able to rank number 1 in European taekwondo Union’s ranking system for 2011. I wish him more success in his next competition in Portugal in November this year."


NTC Open Championships

Congratulations to all Livingwell Fighterz that attended and fought at the NTC Open Championships


A cracking start to all competitors who showed immense skill, determination and lots of courage in this event. For some this was their first so a huge congratulations to you.  2 Golds and one bronze were achieved at this event.


Future competitions are in the horizon, so  please see our website for details or our facebook page.!/group.php?gid=149585005079917


Students who are wishing to participate and succeed in future fighting competitions , please enhance your training by attending our fight training sessions in Tonbridge. Three hours of expert tuition from our experienced coaches for a very reasonable cost.


Dates and times of our fight training  can be found on the fighterz section of the livingwell home page

World Poomase Championships in Vladivostok, Russia

Susan Parkins Recently back from Vladivostok Russia where she was Ranked 7th in the world at the world Poomsae championships will be off on her travels again August 12th to lead and coach our 2 University Players challenging for a place at the world university Games in Shenzen China where 220 Athletes from GB will attend this global Event consisting of a total 12,500 world wide will participatents.


Good luck to her and the GB Team .

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