Sri Lanka

Each year, Master Derek Sumner along with Livingwell club athletes take to the skies and head to our sister club in Sri Lanka where our mission is to help local villages and schools learn the art of Taekwondo. The community who have since built a wonderful relationship with Livingwell Taekwondo welcome visitors with open arms and join their families in local traditions, culture and food.


Part of the mission is to also help build and stengthen the infastructure of local Orphanages, many of which have been in great need of repair and renovation works; yet funds are in short supply so every little helps. Donations help towards school textiles and amenities for the children and staff, along with assisting to maintain classrooms, boarding and living areas. Simple things such as pencils, writing pads, clothing and hygiene packs all make a difference and the childrens faces are full of excitement and joy to receive such small gifts. Our fund raising challenges each year help raise these much needed funds to help support these wonderful children and their orphan community.


For 2018 was during Halloween, Master Derek along with his team of club athletes were set a fund raising challenge to complete as many sit-ups, press ups or attempt the plank for an hour to see how many could be achieved, each with their own sponsors for how many they could do. On average we had students completing well over 1000 sit ups / press ups; but to make the challenge more fun the club decorated the training hall with spooktacular props and everyone dressed up in Halloween fancy dress costumes for the event, along with some upbeat spooky music just to set the pace.



Sri Lanka has since become another branch within the family of the Livingwell Taekwondo Academy with over-seas club Instructor, Master Nalinda Rathnayaka leading the team. With Master Derek, their work has involved training local students and schools as well as working and training with the Sri Lankan Army. 
While this great work and relationship continues we can all play our part and Master Derek will always be planning the next challenge...
So get ready, get on with the sweat... and let's go!

Video:  Work & Training in Sri Lanka

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