When it comes to training, every student develops at different rates and we will work with you to ensure that we set a pace that is suitable for you. There is no need to rush into a sport, learn the basic skills first, then develop your techniques and grade to more advanced levels as you continue within the sport.


If you are currently an existing Taekwondo student and would like to continue your training with us then we welcome you to join the team. Please provide any supporting documents (ie: license book or grading certificates etc) so that we can register you with Livingwell TKD according to your current grade.


If it is your first visit, all we ask is that you wear something light and comfortable and bring a bottle of water. Although joining a Martial Art sport may appear a little daunting to some at first, we have all been there and we will help you settle in. Our club is like a family and you will meet plenty of friends along the way. If you have any pre-medical conditions, this is not a problem, just let the Instructors know so that we can work within your range and ability. Just come along, give it a go and have some fun learning Taekwondo Martial Arts...


         MODESTY          -          ETIQUETTE       -        PERSEVERANCE      -     SELF CONTROL   -   INDOMITABLE SPIRIT

Video: Side Kick Preparation & Training

Poll / Staff - Training Patterns 1 to 3

Video: Weapon Training - Poll Pattern #1

Video: Weapon Training - Poll Pattern #2

Video: Weapon Training - Poll Pattern #3

Stances & Strike Techniques. 

(Hand, Arm, Foot, Leg - positions & placements)

Poomsae Patterns & Sequences


Videos coming soon...

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