Just a reminder to please not be late and that we may go over by 10 minutes for the results and feedback.
For those who are eligible to grade please ensure that you have completed the grading form and returned it to either Stacey or Karen asap so that your details can be submitted. An e-mail will have been sent to you containing an attachment form and grading fee. Should you have any questions then please ask one of the Instructors or admin team, thank you. 
Best of luck! 


Manchester Open Competition 2020


This competition event will be on:

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th April 2020

at The Salford University Sports Complex, Manchester.  

It is open to all ages and grades with both poomsae (patterns) & Kyorugi (sparring) events over the weekend.


Saturday: Poomsae event   /   Sunday: Kyorugi event


1st Aylesbury Open 2020


Sunday 14th June 2020 at Stoke Mandeville


The competition is for both Kyorugi and Poomsae and open to all ages and grades. 


Grand Master Ansar Mahmood (Club Patron) on behalf of Livingwell Taekwondo welcomes you to join him and his team and take part in this local event.


Please contact either Karen or Stacey to put you names forward. Thank you

Livingwell festive trip to Sri Lanka and continued project work 2019 / 2020


Over the years livingwell have raised thousands of pounds for local and overseas less fortunate people in Sri Lanka. We have traveled the world to promote Taekwondo and educate ourselves in our chosen Art , Taekwondo is the perfect platform to access the world to give and share our knowledge to so many, 2020 will see livingwell continue their work.


Master Derek Sumner along with members from Livingwell Taekwondo including Susan Perkins and Marc Lynes will be heading on their long flight to visit and work with the local villages in Sri Lanka as well as participating Taekwondo training with our over-seas sister club and lead Instructor Nalinda Rathnayaka.


Donations towards this wonderful project are greatly appreciated. If you wish to donate please speak to either Stacey or Master Del. Thank you again for all your continued support. xx

   Korean Festival 2019 - Taekwondo Display brings over 1000 people to spectate!!


Saturday 14th September 2019 saw this years annual Korean Harvest Festival take place in Kingston London. Among the demonstrations and displays were professional Dance Groups, Singers, Activity Stalls, Culteral food and cuisine and our very own Livingwell Taekwondo Academy Team putting on a 30 minute display. Official reports is said that over 1000 specatators are said to have been watching the Taekwondo display.


Lead by Master Derek Sumner, over 30 members of the team took part in various techniques and demonstrated to the spectators their skills which included syncronised drill work, poomsae, boards and tile breaking, poll sparring, para, freestyle and fight scenes. Each and every member of the team showed the crowds their energetic skills with spirit, along with all the fun of being part of a Martial Arts team. 


The team were also greeted by Grand Masters from Korea along with the local Mayor and Korean folk that had either flown over, or who formed part of the community. The weather was very kind to us with a pleasant sunny day and plenty of local cuisine on hand for people to enjoy, including KimChi (a traditional dish) popular among many.


Following the display, members of the public and local constabulary mixed with the team showing their gratitude and how impressed they were with rewarding comments with some asking about joing the club. The team also gave a smaller demonstration to the local Police and surrounding stall owners who were working and out of eye-shot so that they could too watch and enjoy part of our demonstration.


Master Derek said after the display, "Each and every one of our team has done a fantastic job and I couldn't be more proud of them, the public have given so much praise with so many complimentary words, it was a wonderful day and thank you to everyone involved".


The Korean festival is set to go ahead again next Autumn Harvest.


Watch the complete video of the display event here:

Livingwell Athletes take part in field demonstration as a family...

A Demonstration Display at Livingwell's

Force 5 at Orpington Golf Centre saw the Mooney family perform on the field with their syncronized Poomsae display.


Performed In pattern #7 'Chil Jang'. Finton pictured left took the lead with both Mum and Dad (Michelle & Kevin) maintaining precise time and pace together as they performed as a family to the spectators.


Finton just 9 years old has been training in the sport since he was 5 years old and is set to take his 1st dan black belt grade later this year will see him as one of the youngest black belt students in Livingwells Taekwondo Team.



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